Cabot Boston Credit Union

Providing services to Cabot US Based
Employees since 1941.

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Cabot Boston Credit Union
Two Seaport Lane, Suite 1400
Boston, MA 02210

Routing & Transit Number

Business Hours
M-F 9:00am – 4:00pm

Phone: 1-617-342-6154 or 1-617-342-6153
Fax: 617-342-6123

The CBCU Management Team

To administer the full range of services, the CBCU has a full-time manager and assistant manager to provide members with prompt and courteous service.

  Marta Carney Marybeth Nolan  
  Manager Assistant Manager  

Board of Directors

The CBCU Board of Directors are unpaid volunteers that are elected by the members each March at the Annual Meeting. They are responsible for setting all CBCU policies.

Philip Doiron Viktoriya Shteyn Karen Bishop
Jesson Chrisosthomme Gina Liporto
Elizabeth Berg

A Members-Owned Cooperative

CBCU is a non-profit financial institution owned and operated by our membership for the benefit of all who belong. We have been operating since 1941, providing reasonable loan and share rates, in a stable financial institution. As a state-chartered federally insured financial institution, CBCU is governed and regulated by mandates to ensure that your funds are insured upon deposit.

Credit unions derive their name from the "common bond" of their members, which is based on the community in which they live, the company or profession in which they work, their fraternal organization, or their religious affiliation. This common bond helps to define the credit union's "field of membership," which is determined under its state or federal charter.

Credit Unions are not for profit. Credit unions exist to provide a safe, convenient place for their members to save and get loans at reasonable rates.